Cape Teezy aka Cape Town, South Africa

Made it in last night around 10 pm sa time/3 pm stateside which makes it around 28 hours in transit. Luckily, I was able to sleep virtually the entire time. Flying from dc to joburg was long, but not as long as India. The food on saa is the best airplane food I’ve ever had and the service is great. I’m stayed at the Tulip Inn last night and will be there tonight again. It is pretty nice, in the middle of downtown, and the rooms are clean and beds well kept. Breakfast is included too.

It is overcast today and has been sprinkling on and off. I checked out breakfast, got some weak coffee, and then began the hunt for internet. Internet at the hotel is around 9 USD an hour, currently I am at a 2 dollar an hour place, but am looking to transition to a 1 dollar an hour place after this hour is over. The internet is slow and I have a 500ms ping to, this place charges by the Megabyte if you exceed 30mb in an hour. maaaaaan, I’m used to burning that much in around a minute. Going to grab a South African hamburger and then see if I can get into a short tour of Cape Town. haven’t taken many pics yet, but have taken some pics and been geologging.

Lesson Learned: The kensington plug adapters do not work in South Africa. This is the first time they have let me down.

Close Call: Some peeps at the airport check-in in joburg pretended to be airline employees and tried to get me to give my bags. However, I realized they were frauds. Unfortunately, the people behind me fell for it. Not sure if they lost their bags or had to pay them to get their bags back. Seen something like this one before in India. Many of the sites require you to take your shoes off and people will make you pay them to get your shoes back if you are foreign. Workaround: take shoes off and carry them with you.

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I guess it doesn’t occur to most of us that there are people out there who will take your stuff just like that. Thanks for the heads up….I’ll remember that if I ever manage to venture out of the US again.

I had no idea this happens! Following the updates. Put your webiste on your gtalk status so everyone who sees you online can remember to check the website. The site is awesome btw. Have fun. Keep the stories coming!

Hey Bro, good to hear you made it in safely. When you going to hook up that live broadcast? How long you going to be in Australia? Take care and watch you six over there. Peace

Hey Darran, good to hear you’re watching your back and solving problems like a pro. Hope you find some cheap internet and some better coffee. Let me know if you see any interesting wildlife. That’s what I’m looking for from your posts: zebras, marmosets, and the like. Please make sure to deliver.

your office doesn’t exist anymore…there’s a big Wall where your door once was. So basically, there’s no coming back.

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