Geologger test run complete

heres the run-down:
i got the geo logger today
hardware works great so far
software install was finicky
software operation and hardware operation are not that user friendly either
regardless of these circumstances I was able to successfully geolog a trip to Fry’s to get some extra ram for the laptop

I haven’t been able to figure out how to embed it into the location page yet, but I put the test run on the net here –

i like the current output – improvments that I want to make are better auto tagging of location, removal of image scaling and compression – i want to retain the original picture quality

also, I uploaded the same pics to picasa – once the photos are geotagged picasa automatically places your pics on a map, you do miss out on your route though.

check out the picasa upload here

and finally I uploaded the pics to locr:

locr pics

slideshow in locr:

locr slideshow

I also switched the live streaming from to yahoo live temporarily – seems to cut out sporadically and not recover. Yahoo live doesnt have a standalone stream window which is kind of weak – it also does not have as much configuration abilities as the or

now im switched to – the interface for mogulus is the best so far – well see how it performs overall

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