Mouth of the Swakop – Swakopmund, Namibia

Coming to you from Swakopmund, Nambia today. After a week, internet is available once again. Here is the lowdown from the past week. We left Cape Town headed north towards Cederberg. We arrived in Cederberg a little before lunch, ate lunch, explored the area around our campsite, and eventually ate dinner.

A picture of our camp:


Something about the tour group:

The tour is participation camping style meaning that everyone is responsible for the chores that must be done. The group was divided into five teams and each day the duties of each team is rotated. The duties include cooking, packing the truck, cleaning the truck, keeping the ice chests clean, and day off. A team is given a day off after being responsible for cooking.

Back to the tour:

The next day we got up and headed out to the Garieb(Orange) River area. On the way to the Orange river, the truck broke down after stopping at a gas station in Bitterfontein. Our truck is a brand new Tata and the fuel line design is flawed. This flaw resulted in the exhaust burning a hole in the fuel line. Luckily we were in walking distance of the gas station, so we got our truck towed back to the gas station and waited for around 4 hours while it was getting fixed.

Our truck being towed by a very small tow truck:


The Winner’s tobacco advertises in Bitterfontein:


Playing donkey at the gas station:


This evening we stayed at a place called Drifters. The following morning a couple of members from the group went on a canoe ride down the Orange river before the entire group headed out to Fish River Canyon. This is when the tour started to pick up.

Sushi and Champagne while watching sunset and moonrise at the Fish River Canyon:

It is times like these the quality of your tour leader can be seen. We were not the only tour group to watch the sunset, but we were the only tour group that brought sushi and champagne to watch the sunset. Our tour leader Janet has got it together.







Namib Desert:

The next day we began on a 10 hour journey to the Namib Desert. A lot of driving, but the cool thing is a guy on our tour named Dave introduced us to a card game named Shibby or Shivvy that makes time fly. We renamed it to Shizam and have been playing nonstop while on the bus. We got to camp late, pitched our tents, and then began cooking dinner. Tonight we had a huge BBQ and went to bed early because we had to get up at 4 AM to climb Dune 45 in order to see the sunrise in the desert.

Bus Ride:






Dune 45:


Sunrise from Dune 45:


After sunrise we ate breakfast and went on a guided walking tour of Sossusvlei.

This included learning about the animals, insects, and geology of the area. Got a snap of the boys and I in a salt pan:


After the tour, we went back to camp, ate lunch, and headed off to Swakopmund. On the way, we stopped to assist another tour group that had broken down. Stopping is not a problem when you can play shizam. The roads are so desolate that you can play a game a cards on the highway if you please.


We have finally slowed down for a day and are spending two nights in Swakopmund. Not only that, but we are staying in A-Frame houses, sleeping in real beds, and taking showers in a private bathroom. Internet is available, laundry can be done, and much needed rest and relaxation can be had. Tomorrow we head out to Damaraland.

Lessons learned: Keep a daily journal to document your experiences. Trying to remember a week’s worth of history is difficult. A short pencil is better than a long memory.

5 replies on “Mouth of the Swakop – Swakopmund, Namibia”

Looks quiet, that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Oh, and keep the pencil sharpened. I like to carry a notebook and maybe a sketch pad with me on trips like this.

Hey Darran, Amanda pointed me towards your web site. Looks like you’ve been having fun. I did a bit of playing around with geotagged photos myself and found that GPSVisualizer was pretty good.

I also wrote a few scripts to massage and move around GPS data and flickr, e.g.,

this sort of thing Might be useful/ interesting.

Dune 45 photo my favorite….but they are all amazing!
Another lesson learned….bring playing cards.
Keep updating!

Hey dude, you missed out on the girl that I wanted to introduce to you. Guess its your loss… but you are in a travelling mood now and must enjoy it. Maybe next time we will have a beer and a girl at Joe’s Beerhouse in Windhoek.



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