A New Strategy – Sydney, Australia

I have modified my strategy for locating a job. Instead of solely focusing on Sydney as a place of employment, I have now expanded my job search to cities like Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Because I am still in temporary accommodation it is possible to fly to another city for a job and setup shop there. I have also applied to be a pedipod pilot here in Sydney. I believe there is still an opportunity available for me at Crisis Couriers, but I have not called them yet to iron out what the details.

Today, I moved hostels to a more affordable hostel, Harbour City Backpackers. Harbour City Backpackers is the type of hostel I expect hostels to be like. It is a little grungy, sort of like a frat house after a party, things are bare bones, and a diverse and talkative crowd exists to converse with. There is really not that much difference in the rooms of the hostels I have stayed in. Eva’s had the nicest rooms even though Wake Up was most expensive. The rooms in Eva’s had a private bathroom, private reading lamps and shelves for beds, and big storage lockers. Harbour City so far has the most barebones rooms, but Wake Up is very close even though it is almost twice as expensive. However, at first glance, the shower and bathroom facilities at Wake Up are nicer. Wake Up also has an enormous TV room with massive flat screen and a huge first floor lounge with another massive flat screen. On the other hand, while Harbour City might lack flat screens and private bathrooms, it is very centrally located. It has the shortest walk to the Sydney Opera, Hyde Park, and the Circular Quay. I have embedded pictures of the rooms in Eva’s, Wake Up, and Harbour City Backpackers below.


Eva\'s Backpackers

Wake Up:


Harbour City Backpackers:


I have re-added the music section with a new format and begun updating the travel log. My friend Uly, pictured goofily below, is flying to Cairns tomorrow and going to buy a van or big car and travel around Australia. He will be camping and sleeping out of his van and picking up any work he finds along the way. If I don’t lock down on a job soon, I am thinking about joining him for what is most likely going to be an incredible experience.


I had to go back to Kings Cross yesterday to pick up an ATM Card and took a couple pictures. The first two are of Darlinghurst Street. This is the Red Light District of Sydney. It looks like a normal street, but almost every other storefront is a strip club. The third picture is of a Coca-Cola sign that is an icon of Kings Cross.




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