where is darran? v2 – Eva’s Backpackers, Sydney, Australia

Eva’s got their internet sorted out and I’m chilling in the tv lounge on the couch watching Friends with a scot, an italian, and two german chicks. Everyone is super cool at Eva’s, but more chill than what is typical of most travelling crowds. Today I spent most of the day at the library researching jobs, cell phones, and applying for an Australian tax file number. Tomorrow I am getting a bank account and continuing to look for longer term lodging.

The GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr got destroyed on the booze cruise. While looking for a replacement I came across something that I can use to geotag my photos, but can also provide real-time tracking of where I am. Right now I’m looking at the Globalsat TR-102. This bad boy has a GPS receiver and built in cellular network capabilities that allow it to send via SMS the location of the device on a set interval. You can have it sent to either a private service or a service like to provide a visual overlay of your movements on Google Maps.

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