Coogee and Bondi, NSW, Australia

Yesterday, I visited Coogee again to look at another apartment. The apartment is uber small and has a shared bathroom, but is almost on the beach. Peep how close it is to the beach on Google Maps. Anyone coming this way has a free place to stay if the lease goes through. Had to drop off the lease application at Bondi Junction, so I went to visit Bondi Beach. Bondi is huge compared to Coogee and even though it is winter there were plenty of people enjoying the sun and the surf.

Coogee from the South


Coogee from the North


The scheduled events board on my floor


Manly from the South


Manly from the North


I think the final component of the 24/7 lifecasting rig is going to come this week too. I am going to pick up a used iBurst usb modem and then get a plan from Fat Free. This will make the total current rig a North Face backpack, Dell Inspiron 640m, Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks, and iBurst USB modem with Fat Free mobile broadband. The coverage in Sydney looks good and the forums I have read show promise that it will work while walking/cycling/driving.

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