Crab Racing at Scubar, Sydney, New South Wales

Last night checked out crab racing at Scubar. There is a free bus that comes by the hostel and drops us off at Scubar with a free drink ticket. Crab racing and a free drink meant I had to go. The crab racing is pretty good and patrons get to pick a crabs number, name it, and can win trips around Australia if their crab outperforms the others. Check out this vid of race #1.


Someone was learning how to use a condom in the bathroom.


The dj put down some Sweet Home Alabama and the crowd was enjoying it pretty thoroughly. I wonder if the party goers hold same type of appreciate for Sweet Home Alabama as one might hold for Georgia on my Mind. Hear Georgia here. Some things are just better if you are from the south.


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Haha, no less than 5 minutes ago did I download Ray Charles and listen to “Georgia on my Mind”… I then logged onto Google Reader and found this… creeped me out.

Hope all is well. Good luck with the tall German chick.


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