Harbour Bridge – Sydney, Australia

After taking it easy for a couple weeks and focusing on the job hunt, I have decided to see at least one new thing while I am here in Sydney. Today, I hiked through Sydney’s Hyde Park and yesterday I hiked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and back. Tomorrow, I am planning on taking the ferry’s to Manly Beach or taking a long walk to Bondi Beach. Walking across the Harbour Bridge provides some good pictures of Sydney Harbour, the opera house, and Sydney Central Business District. A few pics are below:


What it looks like walking on the pedestrian part of the bridge


video commentary from bridge


another harbour pic


Something got inside the camera and there is a mark in the upper left hand corner of every picture. I am goign to see if I can get it blown out by camera shop. If not, I will probably pick up the Australian equivalent of the Canon SD1100(IXUS 80IS) to replace the original sd1000 that got hosed in the dunes of Namibia.

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