The Great Adventure Challenge – Royal National Park, New South Wales

Volunteered for an adventure race called “The Great Adventure Challenge“. It was held in the Royal National Park and was a corporate focused event aimed at raising funds for an organization called Starlight. This was the first adventure race I have seen first-hand and witnessing the competition has gotten me interested in pursuing adventure racing in between triathlon. Next week I am currently scheduled to volunteer for a marathon in Sydney, but am thinking about going up to volunteer with the same race crew at a 24 hour adventure race instead. The Royal National Park has a variety of terrain, is relatively tourist free, and there is a rail line that goes directly to the park from the city.

Getting on rail to go to the park


One of the stages involved building a raft out of 3 tubes, 3 planks and a pole, and a variety of lengths of rope. The participants had to carry the supplies down from the top of a ridge to the beach.


The lead team heads out


Teams racing to build their boats and complete the stage


The fight over who will be last place at this stage


The last to finish building their vessel heads out


Seven hours in and a few stages later the course has started to conquer some individuals


The inaugural winners enjoy their victory champagne out of their trophy


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