Another Rainy Day – Surry Hills, NSW

While yesterday looked like it was going to be bright and sunny from the apartment window, it was actually going to turn out to be cold, rainy, and windy. This is some of the coldest weather for Sydney in 30 years and riding around in it is a challenge, however, the cold and rainy weather results in less people out on the streets. The less moving objects on the street make it easier and safer to go faster. Yesterday, I had pick-ups and deliveries throughout the entire Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs. Logged about 51 km (30 miles) for the day. For eight to nine hours of riding this really isn’t that much distance, but my average moving speed was 15 kmph (10 mph). Today, the weather is looking clear and sunny, I’m planning on rolling short sleeves even though it is cold outside. I like riding in the cold when it is bright and sunny outside. Tomorrow, I am putting up some more Christmas decorations. This time it will be in Miranda. Oddly enough, the picture for the Miranda wikipedia entry is the Westfield we will be decorating.

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