Bingo – Surry Hills, NSW

Got hooked with Mail Call today and start tomorrow. The day starts by logging onto a device called a Symbol. A Symbol is similar to the devices that UPS and FedEx have you sign when you receive a package. Jobs are pushed to the symbol by a dispatcher who manages all the pushies. This dispatcher is responsible for assigning jobs to about 20 cyclists. A jobs consists of a pick up destination, drop off destination, package ready time, priority, and some other details like vehicle type. Using the job information, it is my job to locate the pick up point and drop off point. I could have 10 jobs at a time, so it is important that the proper route is devised in order to get everything delivered on time. The most time between pick up and drop off is supposed to be an hour for a “standard” delivery, while a “red-hot” delivery is supposed to take only 15 minutes. This is fast and the 15 minutes includes finding the pick up location, bike lock-up, elevator wait, package pick-up, finding the drop off location, riding, bike lock-up, elevator wait, and drop-off. A lot to do in a busy city, but I am looking forward to it and it will get easier each day.

All the assigned gear


Sporting the work outfit


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That would be the perfect job to prepare you for any urban adventure races and challenges. That’s awesome. I can’t wait to hear about your first day! Good luck. Sounds more adventurous than 1’s and 0’s.

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