First Mobile Lifecast Test Run Completed – Surry Hills, NSW

With the help of Andy Nguyen in Austin, I completed the first mobile lifecast test. The results indicate the current equipment and method is feasible, but there is still room for improvement. I used Skype communications with Andy to verify the video was streaming properly. Skype was much more real-time than the video stream. The mobile broadband service, iBurst, is able to stay connected on the move and the laptop was able to maintain the stream for around 5 minutes of walking around the neighborhood. I am still troubleshooting how to attach the webcam to my person and how to keep the laptop cool while inside a backpack. Power may become an issue once more lengthy tests are undertaken.

I have been researching the equipment used by the community. Based on pictures, they appear to be using equipment similar to this: JTV RIG

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How does your data plan work? Is it via cell tower? Possible scenario my buddy suggested, if via cell tower, is if while mobile you switch cell towers. Renewing IP and DNS may break the stream.

The data plan is through iBurst – – this is tower based technology – I think the handoffs should be seamless, just like they are when you are driving a car and your phone connection doesn’t drop (or at least shouldn’t) – iBurst is supposed to be good up to 80km/h I believe <3 darran

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