So far, So good – Surry Hills, NSW

The first day started off slowly with a couple of jobs to pick up in the surrounding suburbs and drop off downtown. I got a couple more to pick up and drop off throughout downtown and received a call asking me how I was doing and telling me I was doing well. I think base then tried to see what I was made of and sent me about 10 jobs at one time. This was a big challenge, because I had to locate all 10 pick-up and drop-off points and then plan a route that would allow the pick-ups and drop-offs to be done in the fastest manner. I mislocated one drop-off point and it took me about 2 hours to get the package to the recipient. I would have gone back earlier, but I had headed out of downtown to drop-off a couple of packages in Haymarket and Redfern. Going back would have made three late as opposed to one. Overall, the day went well and I got off around five. Logged about fifty kilometers for the day, headed home, and then went to pick up some groceries. After a day on the bike, the world seemed to be in slow motion. Ate some dinner and went to bed early.

Things that make being a courier difficult in Sydney are the street names and numbers. The numbers do not alternate on both sides of the street. For example, it could be 102 on one side of George Street and 301 on the exact opposite. Also, the same exact street name and street number can exist in different suburbs.

It was hard to get up the next day, I felt like I had got a full body workout the day before. The next day was madness. It rained the entire day, was the coldest October day in 30 years, and winds were over 30 mph. Wednesday, I would be all over the city. I picked up packages from Surry Hills, picked up a few more throughout the eastern suburbs, and then spent the next 5 hours in downtown. Towards the end of the day, I got two jobs in Pyrmont, which is on the other side of Darling Harbour. Both the clients were cool and the final drop off would be on my way home. The coordinator is cool and schedules jobs to pick up on your way into town and jobs to drop off on your way back home.

Today was supposed to be raining, but looking outside the skies are clear. It is 48 degrees though and I will need a jacket to stay warm. I might go to the track run tonight with Bondi Fit. I am thinking about doing a mini triathlon each day once I wrap my head around all the streets in Sydney. It would be cool to start the day with a swim, bike all day, and then end it with a run. Maybe I could start putting down some fast Ironman times with that schedule.

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