Sweet As, Red Rock Deli Chips – Surry Hills, NSW

To begin, I must tell you about these chips I have been eating in Australia. If you can get them in the States or come to Australia, you must try them. They are made by Red Rock Deli and come in a variety of flavors. Every flavor I have indulged in is delicious and extremely addictive. So far, I have tried Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream, Moroccan Chicken, Dijon Mustard and Honey, Seasalt, and Honey Soy Chicken. Honey Soy Chicken was my least favorite, but still worth a try.

Yesterday, I was going to a bike shop when someone popped a car door right in front of me. It was perfect timing, because I didn’t even see it coming. Half endo’d and ended up getting necked by the door. The bike was a little bent up, but I everything is back in place now. Never tuned my own bikes at home, but picked up maintaining my bike in Australia and find it very enjoyable.

Tonight, I am helping with Christmas decorations at Westfield Centrepoint. This one is being decorated for 3 days so it will probably be pretty good. I’ll get some pics once the decorations are all up.

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