The Crib – 663 S Dowling, Surry Hills, NSW

Apartments in Sydney are hard to come by. The word on the street is that there is currently around 1% vacancy in real estate for this city of around 4 million. That being said, I was somehow able to find an apartment within a relatively short period of time. The apartment is close to central and located about halfway between downtown and the beaches. Grocery, restaurants, and shopping are close and public transport also reaches the area. The apartment has also been recently renovated, is pretty much fully furnished, and has share bathrooms. I thought sharing bathroom facilities would be a pain, but so far they have been kept decent and there hasn’t been a wait to take a shower or go to the bathroom. Additionally, all utilities are included and there are coin operated washers and dryers on the premises. Today, I thought I would give readers an idea of what $180 AUD a week gets you in Sydney. Below is a picture tour of my massive room.

Gourmet kitchen


The closet with the ride parked in front


My neigbor Rob at the command center


Close up of the command center


View from window


Sydney has mounted police too


The neighborhood guard dog letting me know whose boss


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