Venture into North Sydney – Surry Hills, NSW

Made the first venture over the Sydney Harbour Bridge on a bicycle. To cross the bridge on bike you need to cross on the west side instead of the east side. The south ramp is biker friendly, but the north ramp requires you to dismount and carry your bike down. I found a nice guide to crossing the bridge on a bicycle that can be found here. While you can’t see the Opera House on the west side of the bridge, you can get a nice view of Luna Park.

Luna Park from the Harbour Bridge


An inviting pool next to Luna Park


I have brought a toiletries bag with me the past couple of years and it has provided nice conveniences. Inside is a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo. If I am pressed for space, I might also keep deodorant, cologne, and a razor inside too. When travelling, a bag like this allows you to easily keep your cleaning items organized and easily carry them to shower. Using one with a hook allows you to keep your stuff off the ground by hooking the toiletries bag to the shower nozzle or the side of the shower.

Toiletry Bag in action


Rolled up and Velcro’d closed


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