A few books – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

I picked up a few books after being bored to death by the last two books on knowledge management. Tom Fuertes recommended I read “Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart“. I noticed on the library shelf there was an identically covered book next to it titled “And Never Stop Dancing” so I picked it up too. Both of these books are quick and easy reads, but still happen to provide some perspective on life and how to handle yourself. The author is a psychiatrist and he uses his experience counseling people to provide some insight into certain life events and advice on how to handle them.Not bad books to run through.

I also read “Harvard Business Review on Leadership“. This book provides some perspective into the differences between management and leadership, but nothing that isn’t contained in many other books of the same sort. Towards the latter half there are some excerpts that provide some advice and examples on how to lead organizational change which are more valuable. It is not a bad book if you haven’t been reading leadership books, but Gardner provides more substance.

Today is “Car Free Day” at Centennial Park and the park is probably going to be packed with cyclists. About to go out to put in a long ride to prep for the Canberra Half Ironman.

The header is Sam Hurwitz enjoying a late night smore near Pecos Baldy Lake in New Mexico.

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I’m gonna have to admit that the recommendation was retweeted from my friend Carl. I think I read them at the right time in my life where it just seemed to hit home. Still waiting to read And Never Stop Dancing. Glad you enjoyed em.

In Michigan right now and its snowing and cold as hell. I understand its summer there now… Do the girls have slutty bikini Santa outfits? That would be win all over the place and warrant a plane ticket to come visit.


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