Customs House Library – Circular Quay, NSW, Australia

Went to the Customs House library today to pick up a couple books. This has got to be the coolest library I have been to, but that doesn’t say much. Regardless, the Customs House library has a model of downtown Sydney underneath the ground floor that you can walk over, a coffee and desert cafe, a restaurant, and a bar for drinking and enjoying music that gets pretty lively in the evenings. The library itself is spread out over 3 stories and free wireless internet is available. Music can be heard throughout the stacks and there side rooms where one can study quietly.

I went in looking for books on business strategy, but ended up getting the following two books on knowledge management: Knowledge Management and The Wisdom Network. I have been interested in knowledge management since taking a Knowledge Management course taught by Bill Cahill at St. Edwards University. After finishing these two books, I might revisit my final paper for the course. In it, I try to define a way of combining network performance managent technologies with knowledge network ideas to create a knowledge network management system. The eventual goal would be to utilize the system to enable more efficient new knowledge creation aka innovation. Even further into the future would be utilizing technology to facilitate automated knowledge creation.

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