Two Weeks – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

It has been two weeks of being a bicycle courier and now I am in the groove. I am easily able to locate and get to both the pick-ups and drop-offs. Creating a logical run with little backtrack is also becoming a reality. The wear and tear of riding each day takes a toll on equipment and I have been maintaining my bike in the evenings and mornings before work. I have been able to see many parts of the city during work and so far my favorite has been Pyrmont. It is quieter than most of Sydney, has a great view of the city, and has a fresh fish market. There is also a convenient foot bridge that connects Pyrmont with downtown Sydney.

Today is the Melbourne Cup. This is supposedly a “race that stops a nation.” We’ll see if it actually does. Yesterday, I saw TAB, a betting agency, setting up a huge big screen in Martin Place and many businessmen were watching it on their lunch break.

There is a surf swim and run this evening with Bondi Fit. I am probably going to go check it out after work today. Making early practices has been hard after being on the bike the entire day before. In the evenings, I normally go home, eat, and clean up, instead of going to practice. I think I am strong enough now to go to swims in the morning and runs in the evening. Tonight I will check out the swim and run in Bondi and see what it’s like. I am thinking about checking out the pool swim tomorrow morning too.

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