Whats the plan? – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Secured a job at Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre in Marrickville as a lifeguard. Tomorrow will be my 3rd day and the shift starts at 5 AM. Marrickville is about 5 km from the crib and to get there I ride through Newtown. Newtown is known for being funky and street art. It’s like an Austin in the middle of Sydney. Riding the bike to work is something I have always dreamed of and being a lifeguard is cruise. The coworkers are chill and I get free entry into the center. The clientele is chill except for a couple of teenagers who had to be kicked out on Saturday.

In the past week, I have decided to do the Canberra Half Ironman in December, the Six Foot Marathon in March, and Ironman Australia in April. Despite popular belief, Sydney is not the capitol of Australia. Canberra happens to be the capitol. Apparently, mistaking Sydney for the capitol disappoints Australians. My manager is going to do the swim leg of the Half Ironman as part of a relay team and I’m going to see if I can get a ride and maybe some accommodation. The Six Foot Marathon is a trail marathon in the Blue Mountains. Both the Half IM and the Marathon are meant to be tests for Ironman Australia. If either of them flop, I will be able to pull out of IMOZ and not have the joy of DNFing on a full IM. If unable to participate in IMOZ, the backup plan is to continue training for a later Full Ironman like Ironman China, France, or UK. I have a goal of completing an Ironman on every continent, but currently there is not an Ironman event in Antarctica. However, there is a Marathon in Antarctica that could possibly be used as a placeholder.

The 24/7 lifecasting initiative has been postponed for now. The technology I was planning to use, iBurst, is being discontinued in Australia December 18th. I have transitioned to a technology called Unwired, but it is not as mobile as iBurst. Regardless, I will run some mobile tests with Unwired to see if lifecasting with Unwired is feasible.

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