Happy New Year – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Happy New Year! You have probably realized that 2009 is here and 2008 is gone. A recap of 2008 is unnecessary, but a look into the future is needed. Adding some spice to 2009 will take some effort, but here is what I have in the mix.

January 2009 – Finally retake the GMAT

Jan/Feb 2009 – Apply for Australian Permanent Residence – who knows, I might stay here

February 2009 – Finally apply to Business school

March 2009 – Six Foot Track Marathon

April 2009 – Ironman Australia

April/May 2009 – Parents are coming over to see IMOZ and then want to travel OZ/NZ together

June 2009 – Possibly Ironman France (The course looks amazing and the run is alongside nude beaches)

July 2009 – Open

August 2009 – My current Australian visa expires – Have to head back to states or a different country – I could bounce next door to New Zealand for a year. Stateside, I am planning on relocating to Boston or Portland. Boston, if I get into a B-School. Portland, if I don’t get accepted to B-School. Portland is the number 1 ranked city for cycling in the States.

August 2009 – End of year 2009 – Open and based on opportunities presented in early 2009

All 2009 – Going sober. No alcohol and still no drugs. This will probably be the biggest challenge of the year, but I think it will also be the most rewarding.

Where is my professional career in this? I might get a professional job in Australia. If not, I will most likely get one when heading back to the US. It will probably carry on where it left off in either Systems Analysis or Quality Assurance. Getting an MBA may provide an opportunity for break out and I am also always open to start something up when the right opportunity and right people come along.

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Sounds like you have it all figured out for 2009. I give you mad props if you go all year without a drink. Hey if you do come back to Austin to visit we need to get together. We’re living in San Antonio now, weathers much warmer “down under”. B/W did you ever get that photo mapper to work through google? I was looking as some equipment and was curious if you had used it or not. Peace

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