Australia Day – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Today is Australia day and the park outside the pool is having a celebration. I’m working, but think I’ll be able to go outside and check out some of the festivities. I have started bringing a whistle to work. Using a whistle to cut down on misbehavior adds about 33% more satisfaction to being a lifeguard.

Training is increasing as Ironman Australia nears. I’m looking at my current progress and I might be even slower than 2008 and 2007. I was going in with the mindset that I don’t care about time and that I only want to finish, however, looking at race times always makes me want to do better than before.

It looks like it will be another year before applying to graduate business school. School application tasks have been neglected while focusing on how to get permanent residence visas for Australia and New Zealand. After researching both options, I am going forward with applying for permanent residence in New Zealand. I chose New Zealand over Australia because the visa application process is shorter and I have not been to New Zealand yet. This is a lengthy process which may outlast my Australian visa. This leaves me with three options: 1. Return home. 2. Apply for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa or 3. Try to get a temporary visa in Australia that has work rights. Time will show which one is most appropriate. I am planning on using residence in New Zealand as a position to explore New Zealand, more of Australia, and Asia. I would also like to continue a professional career in NZ, perhaps pursue a postgraduate degree, and learn Mandarin.

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So your heading to New Zealand, awesome. Looks like beautiful country, I think they filmed the Lord of the Rings there. What do you plan on doing there? I’m sure you’ve already scouted out some killer sites to see. You been following the Australian Open? Roddick won today, only American left. Hope the training comes easier as time winds down to the Ironman.

Yep – LOTR was filmed in NZ – I plan on working and doing some triathlon and exploration of both islands, maybe some more australia, and some asia. I haven’t been following the Australia open, but some friends have gone to it. Got on the bike today and hammered out a solid ride.

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