Dynamic WordPress Pages – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

It is a pain to login and edit wordpress pages that are updated everyday. For example, the training page and the travel log page are updated almost daily. To remedy this situation and preserve some sanity, I began looking for a solution. I found a solution in the form of a wordpress plugin. The plugin is called Inline Google Docs and can be found here. The installation is as simple as any other plugin and using it is easily done using the instructions on the plugin description page. All that is needed to update the training page now is to login to google docs and update a spreadsheet called Training. The spreadsheet is set to automatically publish as a webpage when it is updated. Each time an edit is made to the google spreadsheet,  the edit is reflected on the wordpress page. To make things even easier, there is a plugin for open office that automatically syncs your local documents with google documents. This would make updating wordpress pages even easier. A future process flow could be this: Open Training document on desktop, add new entries, save and sync with google docs. With those three simple steps, I would have created two stored copies of my training log in different locations and updated the blog. meow.

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