Expression of Interest – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

As with everything, there is a process to becoming a permanent resident in New Zealand. Fortunately, the process appears to be less complex than the process for Australia. This simplicity has been one of the contributing factors towards my decision to apply for residency in New Zealand.

There are a variety of channels to gain Permanent Residency and I am attempting to obtain residency status via the Skilled Migrant channel. This channel is comprised of two stages. The first stage is completing an Expression of Interest. This involves completing a form detailing your demographics, education, work experience, criminal and health history, and family members. Some of these details are worth points that contribute to your likelihood of getting accepted to apply for permanent residence. This Expression of Interest(EOI) application is then put into a pool and EOI applications are then reviewed.

After review, some applicants are invited to complete a full application. Currently, my application has been selected for review and the first round of invitations to complete a full application is on January 31, 2009. Selections are performed every 2 weeks. EOI applications exist in the pool for a period of 6 months.

Below is a diagram of the Permanent Residency process for Skilled Migrants and the current stage I am in is circled.


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That’s the most clear and concise process map I’ve ever seen for gaining residence. Actually, I’ve never seen any country do something like that. Certainly makes it easier to know where you are in the process and what still needs to happen.

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