Faster Web Browsing with Squid – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Connection speeds on the internet are fast for most people compared to old school dial-up days. Regardless,  mo faster = mo betta. How should we make web browsing faster? A web proxy. I set out to setup a web proxy server locally on my notebook. Rather than run the proxy on my main operating system and risk catastrophic failure, I decided to use virtual machines. To begin, I downloaded VMware Player. Next, I downloaded an Ubuntu VM to play in VMware player. Once you have these, open up the Ubuntu VM in VMWare player. Using Synaptic Package Manager grab Squid (Squid is the web proxy application). Next, a tutorial on how to get Squid up and running. An alternative Squid/Ubuntu tutorial. To configure clients to use your proxy server, see the following tutorial. Want to remove advertisements while browsing? Try adzapper and the following tutorial. An initial report using SARG, shows that bandwidth consumption for my laptop was reduced by 20% using Squid.


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