Google Chrome with Adblock – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

A short intro: Google Chrome is a web browser released by Google. It is lightning fast compared to alternative browsers, however, it has no support for 3rd party plugins at this point. Firefox has a massive selection of freely available plugins and one of them is Adblock Plus. For about a year I have been using Firefox with Adblock plus and browsing the internet ad free. After initially testing Chrome, I stopped using it and returned to Firefox. The other day I decided to give Chrome a try again after getting fed up with how slow Firefox was. Chrome is fast, but I didn’t want to have to go back to looking at ads again. After searching, I found the same solution that was around when Chrome was initially released, Privoxy. I was initially skeptical so I didn’t try it out, but I did today and it works well. Here is a tutorial on how to get Chrome up and running with Privoxy.

Chrome with Adblock Tutorial

This is how browsing the web should be. I have also started using Privoxy with Firefox. I am also looking at getting a Squid proxy up which provides caching services. Caching would assist in making web browsing even faster and save bandwidth.

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