Passed Over First Round – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

New Zealand Residence:

There was a selection from the Expression of Interest Pool on the 28th. I got passed over, but am not surprised. A couple of days is not enough time to perform verification of my application details and I have read some people have had to wait months. I am attempting to get invited to apply for residence by being selected for having an EOI claiming work experience in an area of absolute skills shortage. Below are some details of the last selection. They were taken from this page. The right column indicates the number of EOI applications that were excepted from each category.

28 January 2009 – New Zealand Residence Programme Fact Sheet PDF [169KB]

Selection criteria No. of EOIs
All EOIs at or above 140 points. 446
All EOIs with a job or a job offer claiming points between 100 and 135 points. 95
All EOIs claiming 15 points for work experience in an area of absolute skill shortage and with a points total between 100 and 135 points. 118
All EOIs claiming 10 points for work experience in an area of absolute skill shortage and with a points total between 100 and 135 points. 87
All EOIs claiming 10 points for a qualification in an area of absolute skill shortage and with a points total between 120 and 135 points. 34


Last month, I registered for the Six Foot Track marathon and for some reason I just started researching the course today. My initial confidence was based on the fact that I had run Austin three times and the assumption that the hilliness of the Austin course would suffice as experience to run Six Foot. I was wrong. The courses aren’t even comparable. Six Foot makes Austin look like a cakewalk. Initial optimism is going to result in future pain.

For those interested, elevation changes in both courses can be seen here (you must check “Display Elevation”):


Six Foot:

Six Foot has a total climb of 1,528m and drops a total 1,788m. That is almost a mile of climbing over a course that is approximately 28 miles. I am scared and going to see and run some of the course for myself on Monday. It is also fortunate that a local running group is also having a 41 km preparation day out on the course two weekends from now. It is the entire weekend and includes accommodation in a backpackers, pool entry for a recovery swim, drinks, entertainment, and an evening dinner.  We will see if my 20+ mile training runs around Sydney will hold up against the brutality of Six Foot (unlikely). Ironman Australia (April 5th) is only three weeks after Six Foot (March 14th). Go hard or go home.


Midnight will be 1 month without drinking.

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