North Bondi SLSC Classic Ocean Swim 2009 – North Bondi, NSW, Australia

The North Bondi Ocean Swim was incredible. The surf was calm, the water was clear, and the vibes were good. The water was a little cold at 16 C / 60 F, but after 30 seconds in the water you don’t even realize it. I did the 1 km(20:45) and 2km(41:41) swims and fared pretty well on the 1 km, finishing in the top 1/3, but got tore up on the 2 km. I finished in the lower half of the 2 km after having issues with sighting. Overall, both races were very consistent, with my 2km time being almost exactly twice my 1 km time. There are some good pics of the event here and the results are here.

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