Stage One Successful – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

New Zealand:

In just over a week I have been invited to apply for permanent residence in New Zealand. Today, when I logged into the New Zealand immigration portal I noticed a “Decision Successful” status for my Expression of Interest application. Clicking on the status brought up a pop-up that read the following:


We are very pleased to confirm that your Expression of Interest has been successful.

You will shortly receive a letter inviting you to lodge an Application for Residence. The letter will contain information to help you complete your Application for Residence.

I was estatic, but still know a lot of work is required before being granted a Permanent Resident visa. Below is an updated diagram of where I am in the visa process.


What does this mean for future Darran? As of yet, this is going to result in a bunch of paperwork and a depleted bank account. I will most likely stay in Australia until my visa expires in August. If my permanent residence application is still being processed, I may even get a visitors visa to continue my stay in Australia and participate in a bicycle tour across part of Australia. Originally, I was planning on going across the entire continent, but due to monetary constraints and the fact that it will be my first long distance bicycle trek I am scaling down the first trek.

Ocean Swimming:

I have signed up to do both a 1 km and 2 km ocean swim as part of the North Bondi SLSC Classic Ocean Swim this Sunday. This will be the first open water swim since the Canberra Half and I’m looking forward to it. No wetsuits or speed suits! Just “bathers“.


The header is from outside a gas chamber in the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp. I visited this camp in 2006 and it is an impactful experience that I can still feel today. It is frustrating that there are people that deny the Holocaust.

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