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How to Modify Firefox Right-Click Options

Recently, I have been using Google Chrome for most of my web browsing needs, however, a zdnet article was published stating that a pre-release of Firefox(Minefield) was faster than Google Chrome. As I began testing out Minefield, I became annoyed with some of the right-click options that do not correspond with the Chrome right-click options. The solution to this problem is a Firefox add-on called Menu Editor. To install you can click the Add to Firefox link on this page or follow the steps below:

How to Install Menu Editor:

In Firefox go to the Tools Menu

-> Click Add-Ons

–>Select Get Add-Ons

—>Search for Menu Editor

—->Click add to Firefox/Minefield

A restart of the browser is required. Once this is done you can modify your right-click menu by going to Tools->Add-Ons->Extensions->Menu Editor->Options

Have fun!

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