3000 Miles – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

It’s been 7 months since I got back on the bike. Before leaving, I sold both of my race bikes and ran over my last remaining bike, a mountain bike, on accident. On September 15, 2008, I got back on the bike and since then have travelled 3000 miles.

So what?

I guess it is not that big of a deal. But here are some of the things I have recognized as being different in my life after choosing a bicycle as my main form of transportation.

  • I feel stronger and more physically fit.
  • I travel for pretty much free.
  • Traffic and parking rarely seem to be an issue.
  • I produce less toxic output from travelling(depends on fuel intake).
  • When I get to where I am going, I am awake, alert, and energized.

Lastly, today is my birthday. Somehow I made it to 26 years old. Never saw this one coming, but im still kicking. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. Truly appreciate it.

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Well, happy birthday!

I started biking last week, though I am just doing a max of 6 miles in a day (2 to the park and ride, then one more from the bus stop to the office; reverse that at the end of the day), and I am starting to understand the appeal. With any luck, I can ditch cars almost entirely.

Happy Belated Birthday, Darran! I hope you are doing well and enjoyed a great birthday.

It’s great to bike. Since I grew up in NY, I actually used to walk a lot, and I kind of miss that, but it’s too hot in Texas to do much of either one. Still much better exercise though.

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