Port Macquarie

I made it to Port yesterday. It stopped raining long enough to bike to the hostel and explore parts of the town. Port is a small beach town with a relaxed atmosphere and good vibes. The race area is set up, but I didn’t feel like snapping any pics. The ground is a marsh from all the rain that has been hitting the east coast this past week. After exploring Ironman Village, and the transition area, I picked up some groceries from the Coles and had a snack at the hostel. This is the most quiet and relaxed hostel I have ever been in. After the snack, I went to look for some grub in town and decided to see a movie. Slumdog Millionaire was playing, so I bought the ticket and took the ride. Turns out all the hype about Slumdog Millionaire is justified. It has been a while since a good movie has come out and I feel refreshed after seeing it. Today, I am going to pick up my race packet, take a short bike ride, and run part of the coastline.

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