Six Foot Track Marathon 2009

The Six Foot Track Marathon was on March 14, 2009. Pics just came in and I finally found a feasible way to upload the pics on Ubuntu. Flickr and Webshots weren’t being friendly with Firefox or Opera, however, a switch to Picasa showed that Google is able to jive with the nix environment. If this continues to be the case, I might migrate from Webshots to Picasa. Another option is to host my own picture service like I did for the Europe pictures. Additionally, I am not going to append Surry Hills, NSW, Australia to the end of blog posts from now on. I will append location to the end of posts when the location or subject of the post differs from my normal location.

Six Foot Track Marathon 2009

Also, uploaded the pics to Webshots for completeness. Had to use Opera and it took about 1000% longer than Picasa.
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