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Thanks to the wonderful people at NetQoS (who look out for me even though I jumped ship), I now have a job playing with NetQoS products in Australia. I started with Global Asset Systems on the 20th of May. Since then, I have helped provide support both virtually and in person, write up data reviews, provide input on product configurations to troubleshoot performance issues, and prepare product presentations for clients. It has been a substantial change from the lifestyle of the last 10 months. The contrast between both lifestyles has provided a great perspective of what both have to offer. I am also in a different role than what I was previously in. I enjoy the increased client interaction in the new role and the challenges that come when working in an environment in which the product is out in the wild and not in a lab. I also like the excitement that comes with being involved in the sales process.

New Zealand residence is coming closer. I have now collected all the documents to send in a complete application. I was given a pleasant surprise by New Zealand immigration yesterday. I was invited to come to New Zealand and meet with an Immigration Officer to have my application fast tracked. I’ll be flying to Auckland next weekend and meeting with the Officer on Monday the 8th of June. It will be my first time to set foot in New Zealand. Beautiful.

On another note, I have updated the Travel Log. It crashed again and I transferred the recovered data to Google Docs. It is easier me for update the Travel Log in Google Docs and the page loads faster now. The spacing has gone crazy, but it makes the log easier to read.

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Hey Congrats, Darren. Glad to hear that you landed a new gig in Oz and hope that you enjoy your trip to NZ. I’ve always heard that NZ is a most wonderful place. I hope you enjoy your (short) stay there.

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