Still Rollin’

10 months out and still feeling fresh

New Zealand

As time has gone by, I have gotten closer to completing the application for New Zealand residence. The application is extensive and has been more work than originally envisioned. With still three months left in Australia it is already getting hard to think about leaving, but there is also excitement about getting to experience another country. For example, this week I discovered that in New Zealand 65% of the energy is produced from renewable energy sources.

Nokia 5800

After months of reading about the Nokia 5800, the decision to purchase one has not been a regret. GPS, wifi, FM radio, and being a Nokia touchscreen made this device stick out. The 5800 is hyped abundantly in Australia and the hype is legitimate. This one was ordered on eBay and shipped directly from Hong Kong. So far, so good. The device was preloaded with the newest firmware, unlocked, and the box contained all the accessories of a retail 5800.

Nokia Sportstracker

I first heard of the Nokia Sportstracker when researching the N95-8gb. Sportstracker is software that runs on the Symbian operating system. It is free and easy to install. Once installed, the software makes it possible to keep track of where you go, how fast you were going throughout the trip, altitude, and even the songs you listened to and the pictures you took during the trip. An example of the details recorded and contained by Nokia Sportstracker can be seen in this track I recorded on the ride to work. Photographers can make use of Sportstracker to geotag pictures. So far, the tracks have been fairly accurate and Assisted-GPS significantly reduces the time it takes to obtain coordinates.

Ubuntu Bugsquad

Ubuntu is a free and open source operating system that I have been using for a couple of years. I have decided to begin contributing to the project by joining the Bugsquad. So far, I have been investigating bugs that are logged, reproducing them, adding additional details, and coordinating with other members to make sure they are processed appropriately.

Visitors to Australia

My long time mate Andrew and his girlfriend have made their way to Australia on a three week journey. Always nice to see some familiar faces. This past Saturday we made a day of going to see a Rugby game. Below is a picture of us getting a pre-game kangaroo BBQ out of the way. From left to right – Danny, Jacko, Tracy, Dru

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