The 7272wil Experience

Note: I eventually got a brand new Nokia 5800 replacement. Due to time constraints, I have not outlined the entire process. However, some of my experience is documented below. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or e-mail me.

It all began with the desire to experience the Nokia 5800. After months of reading about the 5800 online, I decided I should save some time and purchase one. I looked at Brick and Mortar shops, Australian online stores, and eBay. After about a week of contemplating over the appropriate channel to purchase the phone, the decision to purchase the Nokia 5800 on eBay was the result. I reviewed the sellers and decided upon 7272wil. Image purchase below


Bank Deposit from my bank to 7272wil:


Despite selling Hong Kong phones and the difficulties with warranties surrounding HK phones, I felt comfortable ordering from 7272wil because his ad stated the following twice:

“We offer 1 year Australia local warranty:

Should your product experience problems, you no longer have to send it long way back to overseas with high postage cost and reduce risks item lost during transit but to our local office (not service agent) in Australia.”

Can be seen here:


and here:


The ad also states that the phone would come with a screen protector from Japan and it did not.

After three very exciting and enjoyable weeks of use, I bricked the 5800 while plugging it into a USB port. Prior to this, the phone was getting flaky with recognizing files in Explorer/Nautilus on the SD card when plugged in via USB. COMPLETELY BRICKED. Nothing will make this phone respond. It won’t even power on.

I decided I would e-mail 7272wil to RMA the phone.


NO response. OK. Maybe he didn’t get the first message for some reason. A few days later, I messaged him again:


A couple days went by and my friend suggested that I open up an eBay dispute. So I did. What do you know? Suprise! 7272wil had been ignoring my messages.


7272wil responds to tell me to send my phone to Nokia. This is COMPLETELY different and in conflict with what and how his ad stated returns would be handled. I have tried to contact him twice since his initial response and he has remained quiet.


7272wil: I have a $500 phone purchased from you. You stated in your ad that you would locally assist with the warranty. The ball is in your court.


I continued to message 7272wil using the eBay Resolution Centre and informed him of the post I had made on this blog (everything prior to this).

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That sucks. I hate those disputes where they play games with you. Unfortunately, it all happens all too often. Fight those punks to the end!

Despite numerous threads and warnings on Whilrpool etc, people STILL buy from Ebay and Online sellers who promise ‘local warranty’ on products where the price is way below locals bricks and mortar stores. These products DO NOT have local warranty, as they are all grey imports. If the price seems to good to be true, THEN IT IS.

You should make a report to the ACMA. – – Call their local office for details.

It is unlawful to sell or supply mobile phones that do not carry A-Tick logos and do not have a current A-Tick certification. Obviously overseas (Hong Kong etc.) market mobile phones do not have A-Tick.

Similarly, it is unlawful to sell or supply the chargers that accompany these phones. As these chargers do not have A-Tick (or C-Tick) electrical safety certification. This is usually handled by your state’s Fair Trading department. Perhaps also make a report to them.

Hopefully, you have made a full report to eBay? Pointing out the false “Item Location” and the lack of A-Tick etc. Listing electrical/electronic/communications items on eBay that do not carry A-Tick certification is a breach of the eBay Listing Rules ->

You can use this address to make a full and detailed report to Bay ->

Sorry to hear ur story, after reading that im seriously reconsidering my intentions to buy a new Nokia E75 from them, also, these buyers look extremely (suspiciously) similar:


They all use similar layouts for descriptions and etc as well as very similar prices.

The feedback for all the E75’s sold thru all of them look positive at the moment so im at a point where making a decision is extremely hard, especially since i would prefer the HK imported version as it would support Chinese characters… im tearing my hair out…

I am in the middle of the exact same problem at the moment.

Some buttons on my phone stopped working and I want it fixed, however 7272wil has been ignoring my messages.

Darran do you have any advice on what I should do?
I have spoken with an eBay representative who has given me 7272wil’s phone number and asked me to call him directly.

Is 7272wil the same company as tandomobile who both sell on ebay as I returned phone for warranty problem and there is no contact for any of these 2 only a PO Box 294 Strawberry Hills 2012 in Sydney does anyone have a contact other than this?

They could be. Sometimes these addresses are just Australian entities that allow foreign companies to have a local address. There was an address in Auckland that had nearly 1000 businesses registered to one address. I believe most of them were foreign. I am back in the States now, but if Australia has a business registry service you could use a reverse lookup by address and see how many business are using that as their mailing address. I believe it is probably the same guy using the same address with different ebay accounts in case one of the accounts gets tarnished. – Good luck brotha – let me know if I can help

Thanks Darren Tried the business register with name and address and there not on it went to ebay and paypal..gave me these details

Customer Service Email:
Customer Service Phone: + 61 98024738

Contact information for: pc Or
User ID: tandomobile
City: Mong Kok
State: default
Country: Hong Kong
Phone: 85223837663

T&O Telecom Mr OR
PO Box 294
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
ph 0298024738

7272wil mobile bazaar
Contact : Mr. William Tong
Street : Po Box 294
City : Strawberry Hills
Province : Nsw
Country : Australia
Zip : 2012
Telephone : more…
Fax : more…
Website :

I have a similar problem. I purchased a Samsung phone from 7272wil back in January. The purchase went smooth and the phone showed up promptly. I too was swayed by the “Local Warranty”.
My phone’s screen died within a week. I contacted 7272wil by email and organised to return the phone under warranty. It took nearly 8 weeks and continual emails, but I finally got my phone back today. Phone looks to work ok but they didn’t return any of the accessories, manuals etc. I had sent everything back with the phone.
I am now having trouble contacting 7272wil.

I managed to get the following contact details from Ebay.But nobody answers the phone, it just rings out.They have not answered my emails since the 18/3/10 either.

Contact Information for 7272wil
User ID: 7272wil
Name: Wai L Tong
City: Strawberry Hills
State: New South Wales
Country: Australia
Phone: 0280062086
Registered Since: Friday, 18 Mar, 2005 21:22:58 AEDST

I also received phone that has problems AND also, it arrived in an opened, unsealed box – despite their listing stating it was:
“Brand New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable). Packaging should be the same as what is available in a retail store, unless the item was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. See the seller’s listing for full details.”
So, maybe it’s just a used phone? I don’t know. I queried it and they said that they have to open it to change it to English.. but that leaves me with no proof that it is a new phone. Just the fact that it has issues (several problems) makes me doubt.
They actually haven’t been too bad at communicating, but it is always brief (feels insufficient), as tho they are loathe to answer all my questions, or address the core issues I raised.
Anyway, we’ll see what happens. I keep insisting on new replacement or refund.
Clearly, it’s not all above board tho, wouldn’t u say?

I have returned my phone to strawberry hills also, still yet to here anything back as my phone had a screen problem. It has now been 2 months and the last 2 messages I have sent have been ignored,

Any advice for me please?

I would have kept your phone until you received a response. It will require persistence. Best of luck and please let me know if you need some help or have any questions.

Hi Darren,
I purchased my phone 10 month ago. The phone recently stopped working and now I would like to make a warrenty claim. Unfortunately, I cannot register a claim with ebay since ebay only allows to register complaints within a certain time period. I contacted 7272wil and he asked me to sent the phone to a post box in Sydney. According to Australia Post, the package has been waiting for pickup for 14 days now. 7272wil claims his staff is on annual leave. Any advice on how I should proceed?

My main piece of advice would be to be persistent. Please let me know if you have any specific questions. Also, look over other comments on this post. Others have had different approaches than I did.

i have recently sent my phone to this mug for repair and he is not responding to my emails, any advice on what avenue i should go next ??

Oh this guy needs to be taken off Ebay
Yes I to brought a phone from 7272Wil and within a week it stopped working.
Email after email have been ignored and yes I two was asked to send the phone to the strawberry hills address.
It has now been 2 months and no phone,not only that he still chooses to ignore my requests as to an update for the return of the phone or a full refund.

Me too! I purchased a defective Nokia Lumina from this seller early Dec 12. Finally received a refund via PayPal early Mar 13. My only chance of refund was PayPal – NEVER buy a thing on line without them! I think PP must be almost sick of this turd by now, we exchanged over 50 emails during this transaction, almost all via PP. Why is he allowed to keep trading on eBay?? I am currently pursuing him through Dept of Fair Trading for the costs of returning the two phones, both defective, that he sent me. He promises reimbursement on the eBay doco. I don’t hold out much hope but you never know.
Good luck DiMcC!!!

Thought I should post about my current experience, having bought a phone from 7272wil on Ebay.

After 60 days, (Ebay & PayPal dispute period ends after 45 days), my phone stopped working. I contacted 7272wil and after a week and a half I only got a reply with a PO Box address after contacting Ebay. 2 weeks later they finally picked the phone up from the Post Office and that was the last I’ve heard from them. It’s been ten weeks now.

20,000 positive feedback on Ebay only relates to sales. Despite the fact that Wil7272 differentiates themselves from other sellers through their warranty and service claims, it means nothing. I’m currently trying to get Ebay to sanction the seller in some way, which apparently Ebay have done, though obviously without actually impacting on the sellers ability to sell. Of course, Ebay are really all for the seller.

Stay away from Wil7272, there are plenty of better sellers / websites out there.

I bought a Lumia 1520 from this slug. After the ebay & paypal dispute period, I had a screen issue with the phone. I contacted 7272wil for replacement and had to send it to China. He arranged to have the phone collected via toll.

It’s now been almost 2 months and despite messaging 7272wil with every avenue, every day, no response. I’ve contacted ebay, they basically said try your bank.

This guy is a serious fraud. His listings contain lies and he will simply take your money and run.


The address it was sent to is:
Songford Industries Limited

Flat B1.13/ F Tower 1
Camel Paint Building
62 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong
Phone 34861311

well this is not for 7272wil but for here2buy. i bought htc one m8 on 16 july 14. After two weeks the camera started taking cloudy images. It took me more than two weeks emailing him that the device has issues. After i returned the device he said he will be sending it to htc service center. Its been more than a month no replies to emails i send him and ebay messages. I lodged a complain with ebay they keep saying they’ll contact the seller and also Paypal declare that its more than 45 days therefore they cannot investigate. I went further on to check with HTC service centers in Singapore and Hong Kong if the device ever made it to them ,they checked with the imei i sent and the results were negative. The seller is fixing the phone by himself eventhough as mentioned in the earlier posts of ” 1 yr Standard Australian Warranty”. ebay sent me links to complain to ic3 and i have complaint to them and also sent a sample letter from regarding online fraud. I have sent more than 100 emails to ebay ,paypal and here2buy. Ebay will not stop the seller as i checked the seller was still selling after i complained and when he was ignoring my emails. I do not have any options left.

Just to show that things haven’t changed, I thought I would add this. I bought a Sony tablet in December 2014 and it stopped working in January 2015. After a lot of correspondence they agreed to take it back for repair. I sent it back in February to Hong Kong. They got the tablet and again after many messages they admitted that it was a warranty claim. Later they suggested they had sent it back by ordinary mail without any method of tracking but they couldn’t say when. They usually respond to messages a week or so after I sent them but only to put me off with meaningless questions or suggestions. Now they have stopped responding at all and I have lost a lot of money. Stay away from them.

I’m in the same boat as everybody else. I’m out $625 AUD with no phone in sight. If you’ve received a product from 7272wil and it is defective or not as described DO NOT send it back to him regardless if he’s assured a refund upon delivery of the item. He will keep the item and your money.

He’s found loopholes in both eBay’s and PayPal’s return procedures. Once you confirm that you’ve posted the item, he closes the return requests effectively removing any insurance, policies or money back guarantees that eBay and Paypal can provide for a customer.

There’s no way this guy can keep blatantly stealing from people like this.

Please reach out to me if you have any ideas. If there’s enough people involved we may be able to build a case against him and get him banned from eBay and PayPal.

Woops me, I’m so used to just buying items from ebay and having them turn up as specified no problems no questions asked that I didn’t google his name before buying. I only bought the item (gear s2 black) yesterday but I’ve already become suspicious since he hasn’t marked it as sent. I know it seems unreasonable to become sus after a day but dealing with the hundreds of ebay purchases in the past they all post immediately especially if it’s a store and you’re dealing with large amounts of money.

The listing clearly states in big capital letters “SEALED” which I’m pretty sure at this point is a bait, there’s a little fine print right down at the bottom that says “All phones will be opened for inspection before sending out to ensure buyer will receive a working phone and in English as default language.” and unfortunately I’ve already paid. The best I can do at this point I guess is to record the opening to have evidence that it isn’t sealed and check the IMEI plus build quality to see if it’s actually legit. There is still hope (a very small amount) that I’ll get a decent/legit item.

$300 isn’t that much money to me loss wise, I will fight to get my money back if the item isn’t legit but it’s more on the principle that ebay has allowed this guy to scam people for years and that’s just horseshit and poor effort mixed into one big pile of an ebay seller.

Maccas, I fell for the same bait on the 3rd of March and bought exactly the same item – the gear S2 Classic (black). I am picking it up today and hopefully it is a legit samsung. I purchased on VISA so will be able to dispute the goods with them if there is any trouble. I can’t believe I didn’t look at the negative feedback and comments – I just assumed with the number of transactions and 98% positive feedback it would be all good. Assuming the worst at this stage after seeing a number of replica Gear S2s on youtube.


My gear S2 classic came via Hong Kong and was posted with an Australian power adapter. The box looked authentic and was unopened, however was exported/imported to Romania and in Russian when turned on. Hope you received yours. I will be leaving negative feed back.


Yes I did receive mine as well, same Romanian language on startup/import from HK. The item seems to be legit and works very well however I can’t get Samsung Pay or some other apps. I’m not sure if this is because I’m not using a Samsung phone, I have tried other phones with no luck but I can’t track down a newer Samsung to test. or if the app is detecting the watch itself to be for a Romanian market and blocking the app.

I will be looking into getting an S7 edge very soon to test it + my g4 is starting to show signs of age. I won’t be buying from 7272wil ever again, my experience was pretty good but these products are all imports and that can have serious consequences.
Let me know if you paired yours with a samsung phone and whether or not SPAY is in the manager.

Just contacted Samsung and because the gear is Romanian it doesn’t support SPAY. Considering returning it for a refund.

Well hopefully this doesnt happen to me. I just bought the Oneplus 5 from him yesterday but through Paypal so hopefully I can dispute it (?) I’ll record me opening it so I can have proof if it has been tampered with.

I purchased a xiomi phone and failed within one year now he is ignoring my emails how can I take this further any assistance will be appriciated

oh Dam happen to me !
had a Samsung tab s4 and it was faulty and returned the tablet back for a repair and Samsung suggested for as replacement , 45 weeks after still no tablet and not reply from them !

Just bought from this buyer… I too saw the 98% positive feedback and amount of transactions and thought things would be fine. It’s been a few days and my phone I purchased hasn’t been sent. I messaged asking if there was any possible way to sort out a refund before the product is sent. Still waiting for a reply.
Really wish I saw all this before I purchased off this seller as I don’t have much money and took me weeks to save up $550 for a new phone… devestated

Oh my. I just bought a OnePlus 5t from this guys last friday (29-Dec-2017), am I screwed? Any advice for me?

Same thing happened to me in 2017. Wish I saw this before. Not only they did not reply to my messages, they also blocked my Ebay ID from purchasing anything from them. Not that I was ever going to purchase anything again from this dodgy bunch of people.

so many people were a victim!
I just purchased yesterday a oneplus 7 pro from this seller 7272wil and did not see this thread earlier.
I have requested the seller to cancel the order even before he ships. I have proof on my ‘sent messages’ that I have asked for cancellation while the status is still PAID.
Hopefully he agrees and gives the refund or else I have to go through ebay and paypal dispute.

Damn. I just bought a Oneplus 7 pro a couple days ago and did not see this thread. Shiva did you have any luck getting a refund, or did your phone arrive? If anyone has any advice, please let me know

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