It’s Been a While

Like Staind, It’s Been a While. 11 months out and this past weekend I put another country on the list by visiting Auckland, New Zealand. Monday I met with an Immigration Officer to review my documentation and verify that I had all of the required items to lodge an application. The meeting was very positive and the Immigration Officer told me that I might have a decision letter within a couple of weeks. After that, I would send my passport to New Zealand to have a permanent resident visa placed inside. 2That was good news. Unfortunately, when I got back to Australia I received an e-mail from the Immigration Officer saying that a decision would probably now take 6-8 weeks because I do not have a job lined up in New Zealand. No worries. Things will work out. It just might not be the prettiest transition because my current Australian Visa expires on August 14, 2009. If need be, I will try to get a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand as a tie-over.

Andrew and Tracy left a couple of weeks ago and now a friend from college, Mark, is now here. Parents coming in on Monday at 7 AM. Things are going to get a little crazy.

Recently, I have been taking the train to work. While I am a huge fan of public transport, I now have a desk job and don’t get as much activity in during the day. Lately, this has been doing my head in. This week I am planning on transitioning to riding to work. I am looking forward to having the mental stateĀ  that getting a good ride in before work gives.

Things at work are going well. This past week I have been providing some support to clients, writing up and reviewing reports for clients, and setting up a virtual lab of the major products.

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Way to keep your site maintained. It’s something that I haven’t had the time to do for a while. I envy your travels around the world and your training regimen. Hope all is well buddy.

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