Cape Reinga Trip and Quiz Night – Paihia, New Zealand (Day 2)

The second day in Paihia was one of my favorites of the tour. We took a bus tour up Ninety Mile Beach, went body boarding down sand dunes, and up to Cape Reinga. The bus is designed to drive in water and the driver is mad fun taking people into the ocean and up a creek.

Ninety Mile Beach


Sand Boarding


Cape Reigna


On the way back towards Paihia we stopped at a place that makes items out of Kauri wood.


Check out this staircase made inside a Kauri tree.


On the way back we also stopped to take the Manginangina Kauri Walk.


Scored some great fish and chips for about 6 NZD on the way back and then went to Trivia night at the Pipi Patch backpacker bar. Got second place to some locals who were most likely colluding with the Trivia leader. That night Errik, Chris, Mikey, Craig, Andy, and others would join the team. The day before Katharina, Mark, and Stefanie started the fire. All the named peeps would provide good company throughout the journey.



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