Back to Auckland – Auckland, New Zealand (Day 4)

It was a pretty heavy morning after trivia night, beer jenga, and killing a bottle of rum and half a bottle of tequila as a night cap. Most everyone was torn up. Took a solo walk to the Treaty of Waitangi signing grounds. Walking around Paihia is even more enjoyable because you can walk along the beach to get from most accommodation to the various sites and trails. Had some leftover spaghetti for breakfast and nap while waiting for the bus heading back to Auckland. Mark, Errik, Chris, Craig, and I also played some basketball while waiting for the bus. We played some England vs. USA 2 on 2 and The States dominated.

Mark showing off (Chris in the background smoking a cigarette as usual):


Slept almost the entire bus ride back. After checking in, Mark, Stef, and I got some Burger Fuel . Following dinner, Mark, Mikey, and I watched Tropic of Thunder and then crashed out.

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