Black Water Rafting, Huka Falls – Lake Taupo, New Zealand (Day 8)

The morning was a little disjointed after Curly’s beer challenge. Coffee and tea was what most were after. A Contiki tour that was staying in the same hostel had breakfast provided for them and plenty of coffee, tea, and juice was leftover. After scavenging some tea, we waited for the bus to pick us up to take us Black Water Rafting. The bus was late, but the awesomeness of the driver made up for it. At check-in, the receptionist made it a point to inform me that she was Curly’s daughter after hearing we had successfully completed the beer challenge.

Black Water Rafting hints that rafting is involved, but it is really inner tubing in a cave. It is sometimes uncomfortable, but an experience that I have not seen anywhere else on Earth. This is probably my favorite activity of the tour and I can’t recommend it enough. During the experience, you get to abseil 35 meters to an underwater river you can tube in, see hundreds of glowworms, climb up waterfalls, jump off waterfalls, and get on your hands and knees to explore parts of the underwater river system. All of this happens while being in good company and being entertained by some awesome guides. Not to mention, you get to wear the coolest outfits on the planet.


Getting some

BWR2-24-08-09-8am-Troy-Doug 017

At the end

BWR2-24-08-09-8am-Troy-Doug 051

Glowworms are pretty fascintating creatures. If you have the time, read about their lifecycle(consists of mainly eating and sex). The glowworms in New Zealand are called Arachnocampa luminosa.

We also stopped at Huka falls. It’s not Niagara or Victoria, but still pretty impressive to see.


Tonight was a pretty quiet night after the big night in Waitomo and Black Water Rafting. Errik came through like he always does and got some stuff to make tacos and burritos for dinner. Much love.


Tour progress so far:

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