Cape Foulwind Walkway, Punakaiki, Greymouth, Monteith’s Brewery, Poo Party – Lake Mahinapua, New Zealand (Day 14)

Today was a little rough, but we all managed to get up early and get a pretty nice breakfast taco session in before getting on the bus. Once on the bus, it was a short drive to Cape Foulwind. A great opportunity to get some fresh air and see some fur seal colonies.

Seals blend really well into rocks


The day was overcast, windy, and the surf pumping.


Next, I remember stopping at Punakaiki for lunch. Some of the group went on a trail hike to see pancake rocks and blowholes. Others stayed back at the cafe. This is how nice the weather was in Punakaiki.


From Punakaiki it was on to Greymouth. In Greymouth it was time to get our gear for the costume party at the Poo Pub. The theme was a P party. Errik and I were ping pong players, Mark a prostitute, Old Man a pickled possum or something like that. Also, got another rugby ball because I kicked the first one over a fence and into the only cactus in New Zealand. We also went to the grocery store to pick up some snacks.

After acquiring costumes, it was time for the Monteith’s brewery tour. This is a must do if you get to Greymouth. It was around 7.50 NZD and we could pour as much of our own drink as we wanted. On the bus ride to the Poo Pub Mark played us some serious dance/trance music and it was gooood.


After Montheiths it was off to the Poo Pub (Lake Mahinapua Hotel). The weather was rainy, cold, and windy. Instead of going for a hike to the ocean or Lake Lake Mahinapua we decided to head to the bar and carry on what was started at Monteith’s. We got some jugs and decided to play a game of caps in the middle of the pub floor.

The ceiling of the Poo Pub


We had an amazing dinner with BBQ steak, venison stew, potatoes, and other vegetables. It was incredible and I ate so much I had to go lay down for a while. After a short nap, we got geared up in our costumes then headed back to the bar.

Old Man (the pickled possum or something like that)


Mark the Prozzy


Ping Pong Players (this is what happens when there aren’t enough girls on the bus)


Kat was a newspaper




It was a pretty early night. We were out of there before midnight. Think it was the 4 pm brewery tour and the big night in Westport.

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