Ferry to South Island, Picton, Hike to Center of New Zealand, Stealth Game of Caps – Nelson, New Zealand (Day 12)

We woke up pretty early and the majority of the group headed to the ferry. Some of the group stayed behind to check out Wellington. The ferry ride is around 3 hours, but with a movie theatre, tv rooms, a bar, and two cafes on the ship there is plenty to keep you occupied. Most people slept. I read for a while(On the Road) and then Errik and I watched the Matrix on the Nokia 5800 for a while.

The ferry


Ole’ Time Killing


The view coming into the South Island is pretty scenic, unfortunately almost all of the snaps are tilted.



Fearless driver guide Lauren


Got a stop in on the way and threw the Rugby ball around. Also went on a trail hike. Walked out and ran back.


Eventually we got to Nelson(“the sunniest place in New Zealand”). This hostel was pretty adamant about no alcohol in the dorms. We will get back to that later. After unpacking we hiked to the center of New Zealand.


View of Nelson from the top


The hostel was pretty cool. They had free snacks and beer sampling for us.


We also got the lamb dinner from the hostel. It was good, but not much in comparison to the River Valley dinner. Afterwards, we went to the grocery store and got some snacks and beer. We got slightly lost on the way back, but eventually made it to the hostel. Because of the small size of the hostel and their no alcohol policy, we had to sneak the beer over the fence. Old Man and Mark got temporarily lost trying to walk around the block to the other side of the fence. Once the beer was in the room we proceeded with a game of caps. Old Man and I VS. Mark and Errik. Errik and Mark got rolled.



Party foul



Tour so far:

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