Fishing, Massive Cookout, Trivia Night, Dancefest 5000 – Lake Taupo, New Zealand (Day 9)

The second day in Taupo was drizzly and most of us hung around the hostel or walked about town. Mark, Linus, Simon, and I went to the park and threw the rugby ball around. Errik sourced a charter boat and in the afternoon we went fishing on Lake Taupo. Errik was able to find a charter that charged a flat rate per hour and we all split the bill. Before going we went to the grocery store and stocked up on beer and snacks for the outing.


The captain was cool and we were able to play our own music.


I believe we caught six fish, but only three were keepers.



After our time was up, we headed back and the girls focused on finding vegetables and sides, while the guys focused on supplementing our catch with burgers and sausages.


Linus can cook some mean fish and we had way more than we could eat so we invited everyone in the hostel we could find to get in on the grub.


For dessert we showed the kids how to make smores. After learning about the standard smore, Mark one-upped the delicacy by adding ice cream.


After washing up, it was time for Taupo. Ended up at an Irish pub that was having a trivia night. It was a pretty hard one, but was exciting. The questions were broken up with contests that included seeing which guy could come back with the most bras in one minute, who could come back with a red bra, some underwear, and a shoe, limbo, or how many positions a couple can in a minute. It was pretty rowdy, but some of us got bored and headed back to the hostel bar before finishing trivia.


Good times for all.


Eventually we crashed out, but hit up a late night snack in the room before sleep. BBQ bananas were the specialty, but Simon would have none of it.


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