Pukekura, Bushman Centre, Franz Josef, Hot Tub, Quiet Night – Franz Josef, New Zealand (Day 15)

The day started with some not so hot showers. Don’t know if they were out of hot water or just have cold water. Regardless, most people got a shower in. The bunk beds at the Lake Mahinipua Hotel are something else. They are almost like sleeping in a hammock. We had breakfast tacos again for breakfast. Managed to crack a can of spaghetti for breakfast too. Got some rugby on in the parking lot before getting on the road.


If you’re going through these parts, check out the Bushman’s Centre in Pukekura. It is a pretty cool place to stop and grab some breakfast, pet some wild animals, and have a good laugh. The stop is full of funny signs, responses to disgusted visitors comments, and other random things.

Some of the signs



Got to pet this guy




The drive to Franz Josef is incredibly scenic. Highly recommend taking your time through these parts. Pull over to the side and take some pictures.



We registered and paid for the activities we would do the next day then headed to the hostel to check in. The hostel has a really nice hot tub which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Flier in Franz Josef


Quiet night for most of us. Some played bingo and hung out in the bar. I chilled in the hot tub for about an hour or two and then caught some z’s.

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