Tongariro National Park, River Valley – River Valley, New Zealand (Day 10)

We left Taupo on our way to River Valley. Today was actually the day we visited Tongariro National Park and not Day 8. I knew something was wrong because we played rugby in the park and we didn’t get a rugby ball until Taupo…moving right along. It was a lot of driving, but we finally made it to River Valley. After unpacking, we went on a hike to the top of the valley ridge and got some good views of the lodge and the river.

The lodge from the ridge


The lodge is very cosy and has a golf course, white water rafting, horseback riding and a huge jenga. Got in some good games of jenga while waiting for dinner. The dinner was a lamb roast with all kinds of vegetables and sides. It was amazing and the best meal I’ve had in New Zealand.


The dorm rooms are two massive beds!


A nice fireplace resides in the middle of the living/dining area.


Our lodge from ground level.


At the River Valley lodge you can work for your accommodation and food. I considered staying there and working for a while and still do some days.

Tour so far:

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