Zorbing, Rabbit Shearing, Ruakuri Walk, Group Cookout, and Curly’s Bar – Waitomo, New Zealand (Day 7)

Leaving the hostel at around 8:30 was pretty hardcore given the nights festivities. Our first stop was to go Zorbing. Zorbing is around 50 dollars a pop, but you can get run over by the Zorb for free.


After Zorbing, we went to Agroventures. No one wanted to do any of the activities and we left after using the restroom. A long bus ride followed and before getting to the hostel we stopped to see some rabbit shearing.


Got to the hostel, took a shower, a short nap, and then headed off to the Ruakuri Walk.


I don’t exactly remember how we acquired all of the food items for dinner, but we had our first group cook out in Waitomo. Steaks, potatoes, and veggies.

A happy cook is a good cook. Errik can cook.


A beautiful evening.



Waitomo Caves is a small village, but don’t get discouraged about night life. The local pub, Curly’s Bar, has pretty good night life and a drinking challenge that involves drinking twelve pints of beer from all over New Zealand. Errik, Michael, and I decided this was our time to shine.


Michael, Errik, and I with Curly, the bar owner, near completion of the beer challenge.


One last pic before bed. After the beer challenge, we would begin to receive congratulations and warm welcomes from people in other cities that we had no recollection of.


Tour progress so far:

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