Breakfast and Hike at Lake Matheson, Explore Wanaka, Massive Room Party and Hectic Night in Wanaka – Wanaka, New Zealand (Day 17)

Today we had an early start heading towards Wanaka. After a short drive, we stopped at Lake Matheson. There we had breakfast and took a hike around the lake. The weather was not that great, but we were able to get some decent shots of the lake and the mountains in the background.


After about an hour or so we headed along our way. We made a couple stops to look at around this very scenic part of New Zealand. Check out some of the pics below.




After arriving in Wanaka, for some reason we began stockpiling booze. We had a decent amount of booze with us from the quiet nights in Franz Josef, but we continued to acquire more for the nights festivities. Errik bought a bottle of Jager and we start drinking around 4. We started off with about a case and a half or two of beer, then transitioned to Jager bombs. There were quite a few of us so the Jager didn’t last long. After the Jager, we made another transition to wine. This is when things started to get pretty sloppy. We started playing drinking games with box wine and people weren’t being shy.

A mid game group shot


Don’t know what’s happening here


Another mid game group shot


After getting pretty toasty, we moved to the bar. Things got sloppy here. I think it would have been ok because I was just drinking a few beers, but Errik kept on shouting Mark and I tequila shots. Attitude quickly deteriorated and I ended up starting an argument with the DJ over his musical tastes. This very heated argument(for me) eventually got me kicked out. I think this is the last picture before getting kicked out.


Out on my own, I somehow convinced people to go to a bar down the street called Shooters. It was full, probably because they were playing decent music, so we had to wait in line until other people left. After about an hour of waiting in the cold, we decided to go home. This was probably what we needed because we were all pretty sauced. Kat ended up going off with some random locals and lost her wallet. The next morning was pretty funny.

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