Puzzling world, View of Wanaka, Old Man Jumps, Explore Queenstown, Crazy Night in Queeny at Altitude and World Bar– Queenstown, New Zealand (Day 18)

Errik, Old Man, and I got up early and started wandering around Wanaka. Kat lost her wallet and spent the morning looking in trash bins and wandering the beach looking for it.

Lake Wanaka in the Morning


On the Search for Kat’s Wallet


The View From the Hostel Kitchen


Lauren Punishing Old Man


Mark Decided to Stay Back in Wanaka


After some breakfast, we stopped at Puzzling World. Most people bought the ticket and took the tour, but Errik and I threw the Rugby ball around and hiked to the top of a hill that overlooks Wanaka and Lake Wanaka.

The View




Next, we were off to Cromwell. In Cromwell we stopped at Mrs. Jones fruit stand. We got to sample bits and pieces of all of the fruit. I picked up some dried strawberries which were very good!


From there it was onto AJ Hacket bungy.

We got to see a video on the history of bungy and then watch some people take the jump. It was Old Man’s 49th birthday and Errik bought him a jump

Old Man taking the plunge



From there it was on to Queenstown. We took some group pics on the shore of the lake and then headed to the hostel. Base Queenstown is not where to stay in Queenstown. The rooms are dark, the kitchen is small. It is pretty central, but nothing special. There is a Nomads in Queeny that is supposedly the go. It wasn’t long and we had found Fergberger.


It was inevitable. Queenstown is by far the best night life I have experienced in New Zealand. Any night of the week you can have a good time and tonight was no exception. We started out at Altitude bar (the bar inside Base) and then headed to World Bar.

Altitude bar had a horizontal bungy competition that night. In the competition either a guy or girl is attached to one end of a bungy cord. The other end is attached to the wall. One individual must run to the opposite side of the bar and grab an alcoholic beverage from a designated individual(the individual is farther than the length of the bungy cable – this is what makes it pretty funny to watch). Then without spilling it return to their partner. Their partner must then down the beverage and place the glass upside down on their head. The entire process is timed and the couple with the lowest time wins 2 free jumps off the Nevis Bungy. James and Jessica from our bus ended up winning the competition. A video of their winning run is below.


After the competition was full on partying until everyone had enough. Man. Errik took over 100 pictures this night. Haven’t got them up yet on facebook or Webshots, but here is an obligatory Black Eyed Peas video.


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