Recovery Walk Around Park with Errik and Old Man, Steak Dinner with Errik and Old Man, Free Meal in Bar, Pre-party of Nomination Domination, Drinks in Altitude Bar, Then all Hell Broke Loose in Buffalo Bar – Queenstown, New Zealand (Day 19)

A typical Queenstown morning involves recovery and a recovery in Queenstown involves Fergburger. This means Fergburger was for breakfast. I believe I had Fergburger for something like 6 out of 7 meals while in Queenstown. Once you get your hands on one you’ll do the same. Old Man and Errik beat me on the rise and I eventually caught up with them later on in the day. We went for a walk around Queenstown aka Queeny. Not only does Queeny have good night life, but it also has plenty of day time activities like mountain biking, luging, ice skating, and an 18 hole disc golf course. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, there are all the adrenaline activities you could want. The Nevis Bungy, arc swings, skydiving, and jet boating are some of the adrenaline activities you can do during your visit. For us, a nice walk around the town was what we needed and Queenstown is a beautiful town to get out and explore. The weather was cooperative and we had a beautiful day.

One of the main roads in Queenstown looking towards one of the mountain ranges.

A lake that is about a five minute walk from the hostel. A great place to chill. There is also a long walking and running trail that goes around the edge of the lake.

One of the ponds located in the disc golf course

After strolling around and Errik trying to feed gold coins and other objects to the ducks we decided to get some food. Who knows why, but it was during the stroll that I learned that Old Man had gone number 2 in some poor kiwis boat shed that morning.

The ducks weren’t having it

Having some fun in the skate park


On the way back to the hostel we spotted a restaurant having a steak, salad, and chips special so we dropped in and polished off a steak – the last formal dinner with Errik and Old Man. After dinner, we went back to the room and hung out. We still had some free meal tickets from Base so we went down to the bar and used them. I was not really feeling a big night……time would tell.

Getting geared up

Still not feeling it

Old Man saying hi


Getting closer

Errik is good with the ladies – I swear he looks like John Belushi

This kid loves to drink. We had a ton of 2 for 1 drink coupons and we took full advantage

In the zone

Best behavior as always

Boogie time

I love Errik like I love air

Somehow the repeated Jager shots have awaken us!

After hours of drinking and dancing it was time to call it a night. The proper way to finish a night in Queeny is the same way you begin a day in Queeny – with a Fergburger. Something mysteriously went wrong with our order and we got an extra Fergburger instead of fries. It was time to tackle back to back Fergs!

Ferg #1 – I am politely holding someones cigarette whilst enjoying a Fergberger

Ferg #2 – Starting to struggle. Why is this happening to me? Only made it through about 75% of the second one before handing it over to Errik

Beautiful day, beautiful drinking session, beautiful get down session (we destroyed Buffalo Bar), beautiful Ferg session, and now a beautiful sleep session!

I get lonely sometimes. Errik and Old Man would be off in the morning.

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