Goodbye to Old man and Errik, Walk and Reading, Fergburger and Shopping with Kat, reunion with Mark – Queenstown, New Zealand (Day 20)

Today was a little rough for a few reasons. It was a big night, a relatively early rise to say goodbye to Errik and Old Man, and the team was now dwindling. I felt a little lost now that Errik, Old Man, and most of the team were gone so I decided it was time to take a walk. Queenstown is a great place for a walk.


After a short walk, I realized it would be good to get some water and a book and relax on the lake. Mikey gave me “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac and I had been reading it on the bus and during the downtime since Auckland.


Put in some good reading and then headed back towards the hostel. Ran into Kat and we decided to get some Fergburger. You wouldn’t think Kat could eat, but she killed a Furgberger and then finished off the rest of my Big Al. The Big Al is a half pound of beef, bacon, cheese, 2 eggs, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, red onion, relish, and “a big wad of aioli”.

Big Al up close and personal


Kat, Big Al, and a Fergburger


Pretty much everyone was taking it easy after the night before, except Vincent! As usual, he wanted to get lit. Mark arrived in Queenstown and as one of the boys I went out for another night Queenstown. It was a quiet one for Queenstown standards and I think we were back in by midnight or one. Tomorrow, we would head down south.

Mark and Vincent – Vincent is looking colorful

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